Love In the Name of Christ is a proven model that networks local churches, volunteers and community organizations together to help people in need. Love INC exists to mobilize the church, so the church (through it’s volunteers and ministries) can transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. Love INC’s goal is the transformation of the individual, the family and the community. Transformation involves physical, emotional, relational and spiritual¬†components. It is not just about changing an individual’s or family’s physical cirumstances, but also about awakening in them (through the Holy Spirit working through Christians) a sense of the depth of their spiritual need for Christ.

Existing resources operating independently are not adequate to meet current and growing levels of need. One church alone cannot deal with all of the complex issues of poverty in Tuscaloosa County. It takes multiple churches working together across denominational lines to effectively meet needs.

When a request comes into the Clearinghouse, we complete an interview to assess the need and verify information. Once this process is complete, their need will be met through, a Gap Ministry, local church, agency or outside organization. A Care Coach will help identify habits or patterns of behavior and develop a plan to move them towards transformation.

People in need receive coordinated help through a network of church and community services.

Churches model unity in the Body of Christ as they work together across denominational lines to obey the Word of God and help the poor and needy.

Church members receive opportunities to use their unique gifts and talents in specific ways to serve others.

Community agencies refer people to Love INC to fill gaps in services, as well as receive referrals from Love INC of verified needs.

We are always in need of donations and volunteers. If you would like to donate goods or time, please contact us! If you are a church leader interested in partnering with us, please read our information on becoming a church partner and contact us for further information.