Homeless Connect Volunteer Application

Volunteer Roles

– Event Security (20)

  • Monitoring facility
  • Crowd control
  • Parking attendants
  • Bus drop off/pick up areas

– Host/Hostess (20)

  • Ride on transportation buses (pick/up and drop off sites)

– Event Guides (180)

  • Paired with Guests to walk through event

– Area Guides (30)

  • Trained in certain areas to be the specialist to the event guide and guest

– Store Clerks (20)

  • Assist event guide with needs for guest

– Prayer Team (30)

  • Praying with guest throughout the event

– Food Service (30)

  • Prep and serve lunch

– Runners (20)

  • Misc. duties


Homeless Connect Application
  • Instructions

    Volunteer registration will close on January 24, 2020 or when 350 volunteers have registered to serve. Volunteer assignments are based on first come first serve basis. Please choose two serve areas (first choice and second choice. Volunteers must stay for the entire event unless prior approval by HC committee. Orientation will be on the morning of the event at 7:00 am. T-shirts will be given out upon sign in on morning of event. You will receive a confirmation email with your assignment and event schedule within 2 business days of registering.